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Shandong Xinhe Introduces the Basic Information of Carbon Steel Pipes

Shandong Xinhe International Trade Co., Ltd2023-03-01

The carbon steel pipes currently in circulation in the steel market are divided into three types according to the carbon content: high, medium and low. Different types have different performances and scopes of use. You should choose according to the actual use environment.

Uses of carbon steel pipes:

  1. Drilling pipes for petroleum geological environment. Such as: oil drilling pipes, oil drilling pipes (kelly and hexagonal drill pipes), drill jacks, oil pipelines, oil waterproof casings and various tee joints, geological environment drilling pipes (core pipes, waterproof casings, active drilling rods, drill jacks, hoops and pin connectors, etc.).

  2. Chemical pipes. Such as: petroleum cracking pipes, pipes for heat exchangers and pipelines of chemical machinery and equipment, stainless steel acid-resistant pipes, air-conditioning pipes for organic fertilizers and pipes for transporting chemical plant materials, etc.

  3. Pipes for mechanical engineering. Such as airline structural pipes (round steel pipes, stainless steel round pipes, flat stainless steel round pipes), automobile half-shaft pipes, transmission shaft pipes, structural pipes for large tractors, water cooler pipes for tractors, rectangular square pipes and rectangular pipes for agricultural vehicles , tubes for transformers and tubes for rolling bearings, etc.

  4. Tube for pipeline. Such as: water, gas pipes, seamless steel pipes for compressed air pipes, oil pipelines, pipes for oil and gas main lines. Leading pipes for agricultural irrigation water and pipes for sprinkler irrigation equipment, etc.

  5. Pipes for thermal equipment. Such as boiling water pipes and saturated steam pipes used in general heating furnaces, overheating pipes, large smoke pipes, small exhaust pipes, arch brick pipes and continuous high-temperature alloy steel pipes used in electric locomotive heating furnaces.