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Knowledge of Stainless Steel products

Shandong Xinhe International Trade Co., Ltd2022-06-02

Shandong Xinhe International Trade Co., Ltd is a large-scale manufacturer specializing in stainless steel products, Stainless steel can be divided into five categories: coils, sheets, profiles, pipes and parts, the most important being coils and sheets. Profiles are various types of materials made of angle steel, flat steel, I-beam and channel steel. Steel pipes mainly refer to seamless steel pipes, and welded pipes are opposite to seamless steel pipes. The difference is whether it's a one-shot molding. Parts mainly refer to elbows, flanges and other small objects.

Coil and sheet are practically the same. The factory form is different. Coils are coils one after the other, sheets are one after the other. If it comes out of the factory as a sheet, also known as a raw sheet, it is usually a thick sheet, because if it is very thick, it cannot be formed into a coil. Generally, if it exceeds 16 mm, it cannot be formed into a coil. If there are coils and sheets, usually sheets, the prices of coils and sheets are also different. If the coil is purchased, it is calculated based on the actual weight, so the price is higher. This board is based on theoretical calculations and the price is low. The reason is that there is a lower variance. For example, if the thickness is 10mm, it is actually 9.6mm, there will be a price difference.

According to the different rolling process of the rolling mill, the stainless steel plate is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling. Hot rolled is usually marked as no.1, and cold rolled is marked as 2B or BA (BA is better than 2B surface, bright and close to the mirror, the best is the mirror, the mirror is not in stock and needs to be processed), such as 304 most of the time is the purchase plate , which means that the roll has to go through the machine in the form of a flatbed, this machine is a flatbed machine. If not the traditional length is called fixed opening, which means fixed opening size, because customers often put forward different length requirements according to actual needs, this rolling is very important, the traditional board can not meet the requirements.

Domestic cold rolling is generally below 3mm, and hot rolling is generally above 3mm. The thickness of 3mm includes both hot rolling and cold rolling, but the thickness of imported cold rolling can be below 4mm or even below 6mm. The hot-rolled plate from 3mm to 12mm is called medium plate, the thickness above 12mm is called thick plate, the thickness can reach more than 120mm, it is called hot-rolled thick plate, and cold-rolled is cold-rolled thin plate.

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